About Emory

Since 1836, Emory’s mission—to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity—has guided the university in its work to drive discovery, serve the common good, and prepare leaders to make a difference in the world.

As a leading research university, and one of only 65 universities in the Association of American Universities (AAU), Emory’s passion, purpose, and resolve help sustain and improve global communities through individual actions and collective impact.

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Our impact is advanced by collaboration among our schools, centers, and partners across the globe, as well as by the legacy and energy of Atlanta.

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Emory maintains an uncommon balance for an institution of its standing: our scholars and experts generate $831 million in research funding annually while also maintaining a traditional emphasis on teaching.

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The excellence and dedication of our faculty are why students from around the world come to Emory, where they embark on a rigorous and inclusive educational journey that transforms them into tomorrow’s leaders.

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Our leadership in academia is broad and deep, ranging from medical breakthroughs and innovative drug therapies born in our labs to breaking new ground in the humanities and social sciences.

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Here, students discover a culture of open and civil discourse, develop the confidence to confront difficult questions, work closely with academic experts, and connect with a vibrant community and a set of peers as diverse as the world around them.

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Behind Emory’s fundamental commitment to providing a rigorous liberal arts education within one of the nation’s top research universities is a belief in the ardent pursuit of knowledge and its transformative power.

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Mission and Vision

Discover our purpose and goals, both what guides us and what we continue to strive for.

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Facts and Figures

Find the numbers that reflect our commitment to discovery, creativity, and academic excellence.

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University Reports

Learn more about how Emory makes an impact and fulfills its mission, at home and across the globe.

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